Google Discover For Android 12 Will Get A New Look

Google Discover For Android 12 Will Get A New Look

The news has not stopped pouring in for Android 12. More Google apps are getting visual changes to reflect the new Android platform. Google Discover for Android 12 now has a new look that the company is calling more streamlined.

The new look is only available to users who have the Android 12 beta

This new look was spotted by XDA Developers. The goal of this new look was to present news to the user in a more streamlined way. With the current look, the feed shows relevant information about the articles in your feed. It shows you the site, a snippet of the content, the date posted, the ‘like’ option, share option, and a 3-dot button for additional options.

Google Discover for Android 12 acheives a simpler look and more streamlined by taking away the snippet. Everything else remains. The other main difference is the options button. It’s no longer a 3-dot button. It has an icon that more resembles a settings icon.

At the moment, this version of Google Discover is only available for users running the Android 12 beta. We’re not sure if Google is going to launch this for older versions of Android.

Along with Google Discover for Android, Google also unveiled News Showcase

A new feature that aims to help streamline the Google news feed is called News Showcase. What News Showcase does is deliver a feed of professionally curated headlines. Google launched the feature in Australia in February this year, and it’s now testing it in other countries.

A recent tweet from a user in India shows some of the headlines that they are getting. These headlines were curated by India Today. According to XDA Developers, Google is partnering with local news outlets in order to deliver the curated content.

We don’t know exactly when this feature will roll out to the general public. Since it’s only in testing, it could be a while before it comes to your phone.

The Android 12 beta is still available

The Android 12 beta has been out for a few weeks now, but that doesn’t mean that it’s old news. There are still new discoveries being made in the software. Some of the discoveries include new icon packs. These icons will change their color based on the wallpaper that you use.

Another discovery is that Google may launch a new wireless charging stand alongside the Pixel 6. This stand will have fans that will rotate at different speeds.

A recent update was just released and improved stability. If you own a phone that qualifies for the update, there’s still time to try out Android 12 early.

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