Google Phone 67 tests a much-needed redesign of settings

Google Phone 67 tests a much-needed redesign of settings

The Phone by Google app — as it’s officially named — is a key part of the Pixel experience, and home to a handful of Assistant and other smart features. Google is now testing a settings redesign in the Phone app to make everything more manageable.

This settings redesign in version 67 of the Google Phone app starts by having the long list of features grouped into three high-level categories. First is “Assistive” for Caller ID & spam. “General” nearly encompasses everything else: Accessibility, Assisted dialing, Blocked numbers, Calls, Display options, Nearby places, Quick responses, Sounds and vibrations, and Voicemail. 

Lastly there’s “Advanced” with Caller ID announcement and Flip to Shhh.

Within each section, menus are arranged in alphabetical order after years of continual additions. Another key change is how almost everything is accompanied by handy, outline-style icons that help to visually break up the list. Some lines are missing matching graphics, but his could be due to the beta nature of the release 

Version 67 of the Google Phone app rolled out this week to those in the beta channel, but the settings redesign is not showing up for all users yet.

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