Google Testing New Dark Mode, Moves Settings

Google Testing New Dark Mode, Moves Settings

Though Google had been making changes on the Android front, it hasn’t forgotten about the good old search page. The company has just rolled out a few small changes to the Google search engine. These changes, as spotted by 9To5Google, include a new Google dark mode, and customized backgrounds.

Some settings have been moved to a new location

Folks who like to tinker with the Google settings will appreciate this new change. Google rolled this new change out to the public. On the top right of the search engine, you see your profile picture and your the apps grid next to it. Now, when, there’s an additional item, a settings icon. Clicking on this will show you seven settings that you can change.

These items were always available, so there’s not much new here. Google moved these up top to make them easier to access. If you don’t see this change, it should be on its way soon.

New Google dark mode is being tested.

Dark modes are all the rage among tech users. Unlike the previous change, this wasn’t rolled out to the public. Only a few individuals were able to enable this. Next to the new settings button, there will be sun icon. When clicked, it will turn into a moon icon and the site switches to dark mode.

It doesn’t look like it’s a true dark mode with the background completely blacked out. It’s a dark gray color background with all of the text colored white. The Google logo up top changes from the red, blue, green and yellow colors to just white. Having the background completely black would be great for OLED displays. Since this is in the testing phase, we don’t know when we can expect this to launch to the public.

Google is testing customizable backgrounds on mobile

Along with the new Google dark mode, the company is also testing customized backgrounds for mobile users. The company was testing this feature out last year, but it hasn’t gained much traction since then. Like dark mode, this is not available to the public.

The screenshots show two examples of customized backgounds. It’s not clear just how these will work. The backgrounds in the screenshots are relevant to the search results. This could probably just point to the fact that you can choose whatever picture you want to assign as the background. The new Google dark mode and customized backgrounds may remain in testing for a while, so don’t be expect to see any of these changes any time soon.

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