Here Are 6 Features Coming To Your Smartphone This Year, Even If You Don’t Get Android 12!

While Android 12 is getting all of the attention right now, you don’t have to get Android 12 to get some new features on your Android smartphone. Google has just detailed six features that are going to be coming to your smartphone this summer. And these are not dependent on your phone having Android 12.

First up is Android’s Earthquake Alerts, they are expanding to more countries this year. It will be expanding them to Turkey, the Philippines, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Originally, Google launched this in California, but was later made available in Greece and New Zealand a few months ago.

Then there’s starred messages. Similar to what you can do in most other messaging apps, Google Messages is gaining the ability to star messages, if you want to quickly find a particular message later on. And Google says that will be rolling out over the “coming weeks”.

But wait, there’s more…

That’s not all, Google Assistant shortcuts are getting an upgrade. Allowing users to jump to a specific part of an app. Developers will be able to show users information in widget form right inside the Assistant. This was actually shown off at Google I/O last month.

The Google Voice Access app will no longer take your conversations as input. Now most of you probably have no idea what this even is. But it is an app built into Android that allows people to navigate their phones using their voice.

Android Auto is also going to get a bit more personalization. Allowing users to manually manage dark mode. And Google will be adding the ability to quickly scroll to the top of a list and the scroll bar will get an A to Z button.

Finally, Gboard is going to be able to contextually suggest stickers, which are created in the Emoji Kitchen. That is Google’s tool that allows users to create mashups of two different emoji. This is going to work in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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