It’s Easier To Share Videos On YouTube For Android

It’s Easier To Share Videos On YouTube For Android

Sometimes you want to share a video with someone, and you want it to start at a certain point. As spotted by Android Police, The Android YouTube app just got an update that can do just that. There are, however, some caveats.

YouTube for Android lets you share chapters

It’s possible to share videos with a time code on the desktop version of YouTube. People using the app have been waiting for this feature for a while. A new update to the Android app now lets people share videos that start at different points in the video, but it’s not as you’d expect.

For starters, you can only do this for videos that have chapters. These videos are cut up into certain sections by the creators. You can share videos that start at the beginnings of chapters. You can’t choose a certain second that the video starts, but this is the next best thing.

How to share the chapters

In order to do this, open the video and scroll all the way to the bottom of the description. You’ll see the chapters section with the “View All” option. Once you tap it, you’ll see all of the chapters with the share option next to them. At that point, you just tap what chapter you want to share and where you want to share it.

Get the latest version of YouTube for Android to try out this feature

This isn’t a limited beta or anything. It should already be widely available to the public by this point. If your version of YouTube for Android is relatively up to date, then you should be fine, but if not, then you might want to update it. Go to the Play Store and find YouTube. If you see the update button, tap it.

If that option’s not available to you, then you can download the APK file here. From there, you can install it manually onto your device.

There’s now a live event theater and home screen controls

YouTube just branded a 6,000 seat live entertainment theater in Hollywood Park. It’s a 277,000 square foot building that’s 3-stories high. It’ll have a 6,100 foot stage that will be for events, award ceremonies, e-sports, community events, conferences, and YouTube events. It will officially open up to the public in September this year.

Other news points to the possible ability to control the autoplay videos that play on the home screen. It was a leaked video that was posted to Twitter. It showed a video being scrubbed through, and muted from the home screen. YouTube hasn’t made any official announcements about this feature, so take it with a grain of salt.

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