New Google Health App Coming With A Really Useful Feature

New Google Health App Coming With A Really Useful Feature

Google is allegedly developing a new Health app, which will come with a killer feature. What is the ‘killer feature’, you wonder? Well, this app will allegedly allow for medical records integration.

New Google Health app to offer a ‘killer feature’ in form of medical records integration

So, it will allow you to integrate your medical records, if you want, and share them with your family and friends if necessary. This information comes from 91mobiles and Ishan Agarwal, a well-known tipster.

The source does mention that this app is being tested as we speak, but it hasn’t been approved yet. In other words, the source is not sure whether the app will make it to market at all.

The source did share some screenshots of the app, though. You can check them out below this paragraph. The description reads: “See a unified view of your health, pulling together info from your doctor’s visit, labs, and more. Get started by linking your online accounts from places where you’ve received your healthcare”.

The app is still in early development

These screenshots present an app that is in an early stage of development. Some menus are already here, though, menus for profile pages, records, contacts, and sharing.

It is noted that the app will first come to Android, and become available for iOS later on… if it ever makes it to market. Do note that this app will not replace Google Fit, not at all. It is supposed to be available next to Google Fit.

Google Health app is actually supposed to compete directly with Apple Health, that much is certain.

It remains to be seen if Google will ever bring this app to market. The closer it gets to release, the more information we should get. The moment we stumble upon more information regarding the app, you’ll be the first to know. Once again, it’s possible that won’t happen if Google scraps the entire project. That’s not as likely, but you never know when it comes to Google.

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