Samsung June 2021 update rolling out now to these devices

Samsung June 2021 update rolling out now to these devices

Samsung began the process of rolling out its June 2021 update to the Galaxy S21 and more before the month of June had even arrived; here’s every device updated so far.

It was once the case that Google’s Nexus and Pixel phones were the first devices to update to the latest Android security patches, with OEMs like Samsung trailing far behind. Now, Samsung has turned the tables by generally updating its Galaxy phones on — or in some cases before — the first of each month, versus Pixel phones, which updated on the first Monday of the month. For June 2021, Samsung has already begun rolling out its update as of May 28.

Samsung June 2021 security update — what’s new

While monthly patches can be a source of noticeable tweaks and enhancements for your Galaxy phone — such as a camera upgrade or new features — more often than not, the monthly update is more focused on improving the security of your device, keeping it secure from exploits.

Samsung doesn’t usually release their patch notes for a few weeks after the update rolls out, to allow more time for people to update before publicly discussing a security issue. As noted by SamMobile, the June 2021 update includes 47 security fixes developed by Google and 19 developed by Samsung. In the list, there are 2 critical fixes, 30 high-impact — including three that are Samsung-specific — and 13 fixes for moderate severity issues.

One detail Samsung has shared is a change specific to the Galaxy S21. According to a statement from Samsung, the June 2021 update brings a critical fix to the Galaxy S21 series camera app. The fix should mitigate an issue where insufficient resources were causing the camera to lag.

Devices with Samsung’s June 2021 security update

Unlike some Android brands that only keep their flagship devices up to date, the list of devices poised to get Samsung’s June 2021 patch as a regular monthly update is sizable. Down below, you’ll see a full list of the Galaxy devices that have been updated so far.

The list below is being updated as new rollouts begin or expand to new regions and carriers. New additions will be marked in bold.

Galaxy S Series

As you would expect, Samsung’s premier smartphones, the Galaxy S series, are generally the first phones to receive each month’s Android security update, and that’s holding true for the June 2021 patch. As of May 28, the full Galaxy S21 lineup has begun to receive its June 2021, starting with devices in South Korea before rolling internationally shortly thereafter. Notably, the Galaxy S21 series is receiving a second patch this month, claiming to further improve the camera’s performance.

Last year’s Galaxy S20 series has also begun to receive the update internationally as of June 1, though no device-specific upgrades have been shared so far. A week later, Samsung made the update available to unlocked Galaxy S20 series phones in the US. The update also expanded to include the slightly newer Galaxy S20 FE 5G, starting in China, before rolling more widely.

Over the first weekend of June, the majority of the Galaxy S10 line also picked up the update beginning in Poland. The only holdouts wer the Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy S10 Lite, which have since each picked up the June 2021 update.

Here’s every Galaxy S device so far with the June update:

  • Galaxy S21 — G991BXXU3AUE8
  • Galaxy S21 (2nd patch) — G99xBXXU3AUF2
  • Galaxy S21+ — G996BXXU3AUE8
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra — G998BXXU3AUE8
  • Galaxy S20 — G98xxXXS8DUE4
  • Galaxy S20 series, unlocked — G98xU1UES2DUE2
  • Galaxy S20+ — G98xxXXS8DUE4
  • Galaxy S20 Ultra — G98xxXXS8DUE4
  • Galaxy S20 FE 5G — G7810ZCS2CUE2
  • Galaxy S10 — G97xFXXSBFUE6
  • Galaxy S10+ — G97xFXXSBFUE6
  • Galaxy S10e — G97xFXXSBFUE6
  • Galaxy S10 5G — G977BXXS8FUE5
  • Galaxy S10 Lite — G770FXXU4EUF1

Galaxy Note Series

Above the “flagship” Galaxy S series, Samsung’s Galaxy Note devices seek to offer the best that Android has to offer in terms of productivity, as best exemplified by the built-in S Pen. Given the Galaxy Note phones are traditionally more expensive, they enjoy a similar level of frequent updates, consistently keeping them on the latest patch for years after release.

Interestingly, the June 2021 patch has arrived for the Galaxy Note series in reverse order, with the Note 9 in Germany getting it first and later rolling out to unlocked devices, the Note 10/10+ in the US second, and most recently the Note 20 in a full global rollout. Side by side with the Galaxy S10 Lite, the Lite edition of the Note 10 has also seen its June 2021 update.

  • Galaxy Note 20 (US) — N98XXXUES2DUE1
  • Galaxy Note 20 (EU) — N98XXXS2DUF1
  • Galaxy Note 10 — N970USQS6FUE3
  • Galaxy Note 10+ — N975USQS6FUE3
  • Galaxy Note Lite — N770FXXS7EUE5
  • Galaxy Note 9 (EU) — N960FXXS8FUE5
  • Galaxy Note 9 (US) — N960U1UEU8FUE1

Galaxy Z Series and Foldables

Just as Samsung gives special treatment to their traditional flagships, the Galaxy Z series and older Fold phones are usually updated fairly quickly, and this month is no exception.

Starting in various European countries, Samsung has begun releasing the June 2021 update for it’s 5G version of the Galaxy Z Flip. This particular update reached the United States over two weeks later.

The original Z Flip got the patch fairly early on, beginning with a handful of countries. Meanwhile, the first-generation Galaxy Fold, which, despite its flaws, kicked off a successful line of foldables from Samsung, got its June 2021 update ahead of its successor. The Galaxy Z Fold 2 got its update about a week later, starting in Ukraine.

  • Galaxy Z Flip 5G — F707USQS2CUE1
  • Galaxy Z Flip — F700FXXS5DUE1
  • Galaxy Z Fold 2 — F916BXXS1DUE5
  • Galaxy Fold — F900FXXS5EUE2

Galaxy A Series

While Samsung is renowned for their flagship Galaxy S phones, the company also has a wealth of mid-range phones in their Galaxy A series. Despite their reduced price, Samsung gives these phones the same level of patches, including consistent monthly updates.

The first of Samsung’s A phones to get the June 2021 update was last year’s Galaxy A50, starting in India. Samsung quickly followed that up with the 2018’s Galaxy A8, beginning in the UAE. In an odd twist, over the weekend some Galaxy A71 devices received the June 2021 update while others only got the May 2021 patch. That same day, the Galaxy A52 and A52 5G both received their update in the Caucasus and Brazil respectively.

For the Galaxy A20, the arrival of the June 2021 patch also marks the phone’s update to Android 11, complete with its One UI upgrades.

  • Galaxy A8 (2018) — A530FXXSKCUF1
  • Galaxy A50 — A505FDDU8CUE4
  • Galaxy A52 — A525FXXS2AUE2
  • Galaxy A52 5G —A526BXXS1AUE3
  • Galaxy A71 — A715FXXS4BUC1
  • Galaxy A20 — A205FNPUUACUF1

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