Supposed Google Health app leak shows early interface

Supposed Google Health app leak shows early interface

Supposed screenshots of the upcoming Google Health app have been shared online, giving us a glimpse of how patient records will be handled by the software.

You may remember that Google confirmed that user feedback tests were being run to find features that would “give users the ability to collect health information from their provider patient portals.” We speculated that this may end up forming the basis of an application in which users could log in and access their hospital records and sync data to selected providers.

According to 91Mobiles and leaker Ishan Agarwal, the Google Health app is well under development and will provide a portal to manage your personal medical records. Screenshots show a fairly standard interface that could provide the basis for a dedicated app for managing and viewing your personal health data records, with the ability to ad healthcare contacts and share data with selected friends and family members.

You’ll need to link all of the “online accounts from places where you’ve received healthcare” before you’ll even be able to properly take advantage of the Google Health app. This might alienate users in certain regions — provided the app ends up having a global launch — where online records are less prominent.

The original report notes that this app is very much in the early stages of development, and as you can see from the images above includes tabs for “Home,” “Records,” “Contacts,” and “Sharing” sections. A big component is undoubtedly the ability to see all of your medical records in one convenient place with this early Google Health app touting just that:

“See a unified view of your health, pulling together info from your doctor’s visit, labs, and more. Get started by linking your online accounts from places where you’ve received your healthcare.”

Agarwal noted that while the Google Health app is still in the early stages of development, it will be separate from the Google Fit app but with potential integration. This may just provide a simple access panel to manage your health records, rather than working as an in-depth tool to give an overall picture of your health.

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