Swimply App Allows You To Rent Private Pools… By The Hour

Swimply App Allows You To Rent Private Pools… By The Hour

We’re used to renting rooms when leaving the city, renting cars to get somewhere, renting boats… and many other things. Well, why not rent a pool as well? Thanks to the Swimply app, you can now do that, rent a pool by the hour.

Renting a pool is simple with Swimply app

The summer is here, and many of us are feeling the heat. If you can’t afford a pool, and would just like to refresh yourself in one, without going to a public pool complex (which is probably closed due to the pandemic), you can simply rent a private pool.

This can be done via the Swimply website, and the app for Android is also available. This application is free to download and use, and it makes the whole pool renting business really simple.

The whole process is somewhat similar to renting a room via Airbnb or some other service. You can browse through available pools in your area, set the date and time, and see what’s on offer.

You’ll need to read the rules carefully, of course. Every pool owner has its own set of rules it expects you to abide by, once again, similar to rules for rooms for rent. Some may allow pets, others may not, etc.

You can easily communicate with hosts

You can communicate with hosts easily, and the app also looks really good. It’s simple to navigate, and use in general. The design is modern, and it works really well.

This app is great for both those who want to rent a pool, and those who are renting it. Costs of pool upkeep can be a bit much for some people, even if they managed to scrape enough money to install one. If you’re not using your pool all that often, why not earn some cash on it.

This app is currently holding a 3.3-star rating in the Play Store, as some people seem to be having issues with it. Others do not. The app worked perfectly fine for us, so… just keep in mind there could be some issues.

It’s also worth noting that Swimply has grown 4,000-percent this past year, which shows you how this is not a bad idea at all. If you’d like to check out the app, it’s linked below.

Swimply app (Google Play Store)

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