The Roborock H7 Finally Available To Buy, Here’s How You Can Save $50 On It!

The Roborock H7 Finally Available To Buy, Here’s How You Can Save $50 On It!

After over a month with the Roborock H7, we now know when the cordless stick vacuum will be available. Today!

Starting today, you can purchase the Roborock H7 from Roborock’s own website. It is priced normally at $499.99. However for the first three days, you’ll be able to save $50 and get it for $449.99. So if you’re quick, you can get it for an even sweeter price. It will be available on Amazon, but not right away. We should learn more on Amazon availability in the near future.

This is still much cheaper than Dyson’s own cordless stick vacuums, and we’d say a much better vacuum too.

We reviewed the Roborock H7 back in May, and found it to be a rather impressive upgrade from the H6 that debuted last year. The H7 is a pretty impressive cordless stick vacuum, that is lightweight and still powerful. And it includes a 5-layer filtration system, which includes a HEPA filter. And is able to trap 99.9% of all debris.

Here’s pricing for some of the accessories you can buy for the H7

On top of the Roborock H7 being released today, we also have prices on some of the accessories that you can buy for the H7. The soft floor brush will cost you $79.99. And you can get 30 dust bags for $49.99. Remember that the dust bags are not required for using the H7, but it is a nice addition particularly if you have allergies.

Now the accessory we’re all waiting for is that mop accessory. Roborock says that will cost $45.99. This essentially turns the Roborock H7 into a mop as well. So it can be your one-stop shop for cleaning your home. And we finally have some images of what the mop accessory looks like:

Unfortunately, these accessories are still not yet available. But they should be soon.

So there you go, you can now get your Roborock H7 cordless stick vacuum, and you’ll be able to add some other accessories to it very soon. Though you still get a number of accessories in the box. Which include the Magbase dock, 2 Dust bags, Dust bag holder, Multi-Surface Brush, Baton, Motorized Mini Brush, Flex Tube, Dusting Brush, and the Crevice Tool.

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