This Galaxy S22 Ultra Concept Has A 200MP Olympus Camera

This Galaxy S22 Ultra Concept Has A 200MP Olympus Camera

A new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra concept design surfaced, with a 200MP Olympus camera. This is just a concept design by Technizo Concept, created in collaboration with Letsgodigital. It is not a leak or anything of the sort.

This Galaxy S22 Ultra concept has a huge 200MP Olympus camera on the back

That being said, the source tried to be as accurate as possible with this design, at least on the outside. This device does resemble the Galaxy S21 Ultra quite a bit. It has that large camera bump on the back, which is an extension of the phone’s frame.

A 200MP Olympus camera is leading the pack, though there are five cameras back there, overall. The phone’s bezels are non-existent, and uniform, while the device sports a flat display.

A display camera hole is included, and it’s centered at the top of the display. It is flat on the back, but its back edges do curve towards the sides and top / bottom of the phone.

An S Pen stylus is also shown in this video / images, as is Samsung’s branding on the back of the device. The source also envisioned an ‘Adaptive Heat Fan’ for this device, for gaming purposes. This is a ‘High Pressure Cooling System’, it is said.

If you’re interested in checking out all available images, and the included video, you can find all that below the article. The video has a duration of around three minutes.

The real Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to drop in Q1 2022

That being said, the real Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to arrive in Q1 2022. The phone will arrive with its siblings either in January, or at the end of February, it remains to be seen.

Not much is known about the device just yet. Samsung is rumored to partner up with Olympus, but nothing has been confirmed. The company probably won’t use an under-display camera on the device, at least based on the latest rumors.

The Galaxy S22 series will probably be fueled by an Exynos SoC with AMD GPU, at least in some markets. More information will drop in the coming months, that’s for sure.

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