Wow, y’all really hate tab groups in Chrome for Android

Wow, y’all really hate tab groups in Chrome for Android

Wow, y'all really hate tab groups in Chrome for Android

Any time a developer releases a new feature, the hope is that users will find it helpful. That isn’t always the case. For example: the new tab groups feature in Chrome for Android, which is now the default behavior after being introduced in January. While the grouped tabs initially came with a chrome://flags option to turn it off, that option has been removed, and tab groups are now permanently enabled in all current versions of the browser.

That has a vocal portion of the userbase kind of pissed. So much so that they issued a bug report in the Chromium repository, treating the lack of that flag option as an inherent issue with the browser that needs to be rectified. While the introducing user isn’t demanding that the change be completely reverted, they would like the flag that allows it to be disabled returned to working order.

It’s not easy to gauge how many of Chrome’s total mobile users detest tab groups, but the Chromium bug report has been starred by more than 900 users in the last two weeks, and 59 comments (at the time of writing) are complaining about how the implementation is annoying and breaks their work flow. In the meantime, you can always try another browser, as many commenters have, or install an older version of Chrome from APK Mirror — though that might not be the best idea.

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