Xbox Game Pass web app still doesn’t support Chromebooks

Xbox Game Pass web app still doesn’t support Chromebooks

Despite new support for playing in web browsers, Xbox Game Pass streaming still does not properly support playing on Chrome OS.

One could argue that Chromebooks have always been supported by Xbox Game Pass, as the streaming portion is available through an Android app and most Chromebooks can use Android apps. However, as many have reported, the app is not particularly optimized for Chrome OS and can even have issues that cause Xbox Game Pass streaming to be unavailable on Chromebooks for weeks at a time.

When it was announced that Xbox Game Pass streaming would be gaining a proper web app this year, complete with iPhone/iPad support, it seemed like this would be Chrome OS’s time to shine. This afternoon, Microsoft formally launched the Xbox Game Pass streaming web app, alongside streaming powered by Xbox Series X, with “Windows 10 PCs and Apple phones and tablets” specifically called out.

We reached out to Microsoft and a spokesperson confirmed that Chrome OS is indeed not one of the platforms supported by the new web app. However, they left the door open to Xbox Game Pass streaming coming to Chrome OS and other platforms, depending on feedback from the community.

We’re beginning support of Windows 10 PCs and Apple phones and tablets through Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Safari browsers. We’ll continue to listen to feedback and work to support more devices over time.

Microsoft is not alone in excluding Chromebooks from the game streaming action, as Amazon Luna’s web app also does not allow for Chrome OS. Meanwhile, Nvidia GeForce Now, Shadow, and Google’s own Stadia all offer web apps that have full support for gaming on Chromebooks.

For now, it seems the best way to get Xbox Game Pass onto Chrome OS is to make your voice heard.

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