YouTube Music Testing New “Library” Search Filter To Find Saved Songs & Playlists

YouTube Music Testing New “Library” Search Filter To Find Saved Songs & Playlists

YouTube Music has finally taken the place of Google Play Music and over the course of time, is being added with new features. As per a recent development, YouTube Music is currently testing a new Library search feature.

As per 9To5Google, this new YouTube Music Library search feature would allow users to search saved songs or playlists from their library within the app.

Notably, YouTube Music has a simple process of adding works to your library. Saved items can be found via the Playlist, Albums, Songs, and Artists views. But the new Library search feature would allow users to find those specific items quickly and easily.

You will be able to find the “Library” option just between “YT Music” and “Uploads”. FYI, the “YT Music” options for files stored manually in the cloud. Whereas, the “Uploads” option lets you search the entire Google Music streaming service.

There are many people for whom a general search would be adequate enough, a dedicated YouTube Music Library search would help users to find their content better.

The YouTube Music Library search will show artists from songs & albums already in your library

Talking about the YouTube Music Library search feature, it will not only show artists from songs and albums already in your library, but it will also show direct stores and thumbs-up.

Once you tap on artist results, it will open up the “In My Library” section of that profile. However, you will be taken to the general albums page.

Unfortunately, you will go on the general albums page where all songs are shown instead of the songs that you have saved in your library.

Playlists can also be searched using this new feature. But several users have pointed out that there is one downside. It will only show playlists that you have directly created and doesn’t show those created by the YouTube Music team directly.

Seemingly, only tracks that have been uploaded are excluded from the library search results. Moreover, this new YouTube Music library search feature is not widely rolling out.

Only a single person has encountered this new feature, as of now. So, Google may tweak this feature a bit more before making this feature available for everyone.

Currently, this feature is live for Android users. Besides, after being enabled for your account, it will appear for both web and mobile. It is also known if this feature is arriving via a dedicated update or a server-side update triggers it.

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